About us

Ten years ago a small editorial team assembled a group of 27 leading Liberal Democrats and sympathetic experts to propose radical and innovative new directions for the Liberal Democrats.  At the time, the party was in a national coalition with the Conservatives which was providing some opportunities to advance that agenda, along with many frustrations.

A grant to cover publication costs was secured from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd – which funds political campaigns in the UK to promote democratic reform, civil liberties and social justice – and Biteback Publishing agreed to publish the resulting compendium of essays as The Green Book – New Directions for Liberals in Government.  Nick Clegg provided a foreword.

We followed up publication with a series of events and a year later, in the run up to the 2015 general election, produced The Green Manifesto in association with the Liberal Sustainability Network and the Sustainability Hub.  Download here old location, still available: The Green Manifesto (pdf)

A decade on, the political context has changed radically … with Britain’s exit from the European Union, the rise of populist and polarising forces here and elsewhere, the accelerating climate crisis, growing inequality, and much else.