The Green Book - Contents

Foreword by Nick Clegg MP



1. New Directions: Introduction to The Green Book Duncan Brack, Paul Burall, Neil Stockley and Mike Tuffrey
2. Green Story Time for the Liberal Democrats Neil Stockley
3. Policy Proposals: Chapter Summaries
4. The Threats We Face Paul Burall
5. The Liberal Record Duncan Brack
The Liberal Democrat approach
6. Liberalism, Environmentalism and Green Politics David Howarth
7. Setting Standards: Environmental Regulation as if Human Health Mattered Mike Tuffrey
8. Green Taxes Stephen Williams MP
9. Can Behaviour Change Make a Difference? Paul Burall
10. Embedding Sustainability in Government Simon Wright MP
Green Growth
11. Building the Green Economy Chris Huhne
12. Driving Growth through Green Innovation Dimitri Zenghelis
13. Supporting Innovation and Jobs Dr Patrick Sheehan and Shas Sheehan
14. Green and Growing: The Importance of Cleantech Julian Huppert MP
15. Revitalising the Green Investment Bank Christopher J. Wigley
16. Empowering a Shift to a More Circular Economy Ben Earl
17. A World Without Waste – Achieving a More Resource-Efficient Country Susan Juned
Zero-Carbon Britain
18. The Choice – Energy Policy in a Changing Climate Tom Burke
19. Only Connect Fiona Hall MEP
20. A Liberal and Democratic Energy Market Dr Mark Hinnells
21. A Green Deal for Transport Stephen Potter
22. Reducing Emissions from Transport: The Role of Taxation Tim Leunig
People and Communities
23. Going Green has to be Fair Chris Huhne
24. Planning for Sustainability and Green Growth Paul Burall and Kate Parminter
25. How to Save Our Cities from Economic Collapse David Boyle
26. Power to the People? The Case for Community-owned Renewable Energy Steve Bradley
27. Councils, Cities and Energy Transition Christian Vassie
28. Community Policies for a Low-Carbon Future Louise Bloom
29. Adapting to Climate Change Paul Burall
Global Politics
30. The Crisis of Environmental Multilateralism: A Liberal Response Robert Falkner
31. Green Policies for Global Economic Justice Myles Wickstead